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Black and White Faux Tile Decal for Staircase

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Turn your simple steps into an elegant villa-like staircase with these easy to apply tile black and white backsplash decals for stairs. 


  • Damage-free assembly stair sticker.
  • Removable. Reuseable.
  • Eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious material.
  • Waterproof. Fadeproof.
  • Choose from different designs/styles of tile decals.
  • Size: 7x40inches (For 1 stair decal. Package includes 6.)


Home Decor For:   Wall, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Media Room, Nursery, Office, Apartment, Loft
Home Accent Type:   Wall Decal, Vinyl Wall Mural
Decor Style:   Modern, Creative
Parts/Accessories:    6 Decals for Stair Backs.
Color:   Black and White
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Pattern:   Black and White Tile Decals for Staircase Backsplash.
Scene:   6 Tile Decal Designs for Back of Stairs. 
Size(s):   (Inches)

  • 7"x40"


  • Just Peel & Stick Decals to Stairs.
  • NOTE: This set comes with decals for 6 steps. Staircase backsplashes are often only executed on the lower stairs. If you plan to continue the design on all of your steps, be sure to purchase enough decal material.

Estimated Shipping Time:   12 to 20 Days


Black and White Faux Tile Decal for Staircase

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