Tracking Your Order

How, Where and When to Track Your Home Decor Order

Once an order is processed by Rouse the Room, the customer will receive an email confirmation. "Your order has been processed" means your order request was received, your initiating of payment was accepted and the items in the order have been requested for shipment by the warehouse. The confirmation notification contains a "View Your Order" link which brings you to your order page. You can visit your order page at any time to view the status of the order and track packages.

Customers receive notification as soon as an order is assigned a tracking number as well as notification regarding tracking updates. These notifications will direct the customer to their order page where all order specific updates are reflected.

With a valid tracking number you can
Track an Order HERE.

If you are inquiring about any of the following tracking related issues with your order, please refer to the "Understanding Your Home Decor Order Tracking Status" section below.

  • My tracking status only shows that my order is "on route".

  • My tracking status is "No tracking information is available from UNITED STATES".

  • My tracking status shows my package is at customs.

Understanding Your Home Decor Order Tracking Status

Most of our products have a 20 day estimated shipping time because they are shipped to you direct from their international warehouse. Sometimes tracking your shipment within 7 to 10 days of purchase will show your products are on route with little more explanation. Please do not worry. Remember, your package is traveling to you from its country of origin so it will be processed by more than one carrier.  Once your shipment is processed domestically and assigned to a domestic shipping carrier, tracking becomes a breeze and shipping updates more frequent and detailed.

If you have questions regarding tracking your packages that were not here addressed or if you have not received tracking info within 7 days of order placement, please contact us at and a representative will respond within 24 hours.



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