Meet Meg of Rouse the Room

Meg is the designer and visionary behind Rouse the Room. A born creator, Meg considers herself a "Jill of all Trades" but her passion has always been interiors.

"Everyone wants their home to have style but not everyone knows exactly how to get there or even where to start. I knew Rouse the Room had a great platform: Affordable Unique Home Decor Pieces that Transform Spaces. The products we exhibit are all show-stoppers with undeniable personality and style. The same can be said for the Rouse the Room shopper. Like our products, our customers are usually the most fun and interesting in the room. They often visit Rouse the Room to find inspiring items to begin their room and wall decor projects or to find those perfect pieces to complete their design. By featuring eye-catching decorations with lots of pizzazz and which, by themselves, livin' up a room, I believe Rouse the Room simplifies the home makeover process and motivates people to be bold in expressing themselves."  

The best way to use Rouse the Room to create an interior that you love and your guests envy is to let your personal flavor lead. The pieces you are attracted to will be the legends in your design that help you create a stunning environment. Meg states proudly that her best creations involved accessories that challenged mainstream looks and intimidated other professional decorators.

"Safe or boring is never in my criteria for home accents and I think that's why people are drawn to Rouse the Room." - Meg



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