Wall Art Placement - How to Hang Wall Decor

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Wall Art Placement - How to Hang Wall Decor

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Decorating wall space can breathe life into a home and bring personality to interior design. When executed properly hanging paintings, pictures and decorations on walls can look clean and cohesive like this...

good wall art placement of vacation pictures

Conversely, without design and direction in your art hanging project, you can easily end up with this...

bad wall art placement

If you're drawn to the first photo, this is your guide to hanging wall art and decorations for a favorable, clean and cohesive result. 

Hang Wall Art at Eye Level

As a general rule, artwork should be hung so that the center of the piece, or the center point of a grouping of pieces is at eye level.

where to position hanging wall art

Position Paintings and Wall Art with Equal Blank Space in Between

When grouping art, the blank wall space in between pieces should be equal or balanced. 4 to 6 inches is ideal. Whether art is grouped horizontally, vertically or both, placing the pieces the same distance from each other on all sides will achieve the most aesthetically appealing display. 

how far to hang artwork from each other

Group Wall Art and Decorations in Balance

Equal weight distribution on either side of grouped wall art is important to creating a clean art placement design. "Weight" in this rule is a visual concept and not measurable by scale or by balancing the number of decorations. Consider an imaginary vertical line through the middle of the artwork display. The goal is to equally distribute the 'weight' of the complete display on either side of the vertical line. This is achieved by grouping different sized pieces together on both sides so the visual weight is mirrored. 

how to hang multiple art pieces

Hanging Artwork Over a Piece of Furniture (Ex: Sofa, Headboard. Also: Fireplace, Mantle or Shelves.)

Artwork hung above a piece of furniture should be centered and not exceed the width of the furniture. (As a general rule art displayed above furniture should be no wider than 75% of the furniture width.)

hanging artwork over couch

More Wall Art Placement Ideas and Examples...

Lean Instead of Hang Wall Art

Not only a damage-free solution to decorating blank walls, leaning paintings and pictures is an interesting and unique wall art display option. Use a hall table or desk as part of your wall decor and place leaning art on top.

wall decorating ideas

Tell Your Story Abstractly by Combining Artwork

If you want your interior design to reflect your personality or hobbies then group wall art that compliments each other and you. 

You don't have to find the perfect painting of a girl on a bicycle with hair blowing in the wind on a summer day countryside to show you're an active person one with nature. Look how such a concept can be accomplished with wall art grouping.

wall decorating themes

Mix Wall Art with Decorations Not Traditionally for Hanging

Just about anything can be altered for wall hanging so when designing a wall decor display consider adding some decorations that aren't commonly hung like throw pillows, plates, books, memorabilia and antiques. Simple, floating shelves make displaying almost anything on the wall possible.

things to hang on wall besides art

Staircase Wall Displays

A blank wall beside a staircase is a great space to decorate with style because your wall art placement design is built in.

how to decorate staircase wall

Ready to Begin Decorating your Walls?

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