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Accent Walls, Industrial Style Home Decor, Living Room Decor, Wall Decorating Ideas -

Check Out Tons of New & Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas. Click on our Pinned Collection Below to ENTER...

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Accent Walls, Living Room Decor, Wall Decorating Ideas -

With Unique and Stylish Wall Decals, You Can Make an Accent Wall to ENVY!  

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Accent Walls, Wall Decorating Ideas -

I was scrolling through Google Images, from a "whitewashed home decor" search one day, when I stumbled upon some photos of rooms with Ship Lap accent walls. I knew, before even clicking on one of the images for a larger view, that I wanted, NEEDED a wood planked wall! That was it... Without a single plank of wood in sight, my next DIY project was already in motion. On a personal note, people are always asking me where I find the energy and motivation to do such projects. Anyone who knows me knows well the following: 1. I am a very decisive...

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Accent Walls, Modern Style Home Decor, Scandi Style Home Decor, Wall Decorating Ideas -

Scandinavian or Nordic inspired interior designs are identifiable by their pairings of simplicity and structure in rooms that feature natural light and make great use of every square foot. Picture a brightly lit open floor plan, humbly decked with earthy accents, large patterns and clean contemporary lines.  Below we've featured a robust collection of home accents and interiors influenced by Scandistyle design. You're bound to get inspired!  "Spacial Reasoning"  Interiors decorated with Nordic influence keep a strong focus on space functionality. Furniture is compact and the placement of each chair, rug and accent piece is to optimize the flow and function of the...

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Accent Walls, BOHO Style Home Decor, Wall Decorating Ideas -

Get Boho home decor ideas from the coolest Bohemian styled rooms and the newest, discounted Bohemian art and home decor products. Boho interior design... This home decor theme is full of culture, character and comfort. If you want to decorate your nest with Bohemian inspiration, consider this simple Google definition of "Bohemian":   This chalkboard decorative sign displaying the phrase "Blame it on my Gypsy Soul" seems to me a good interpretation of Bohemian style. What I love about Boho interior design is the focus on individuality and beautiful Mother Earth. Your Bohemian style home or room should speak to...

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