Scandi Style Home Decor - Great Ideas to Modernize your Home with Minimalist Designs

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Scandi Style Home Decor - Great Ideas to Modernize your Home with Minimalist Designs

Scandinavian or Nordic inspired interior designs are identifiable by their pairings of simplicity and structure in rooms that feature natural light and make great use of every square foot. Picture a brightly lit open floor plan, humbly decked with earthy accents, large patterns and clean contemporary lines. 

Below we've featured a robust collection of home accents and interiors influenced by Scandistyle design. You're bound to get inspired! 

"Spacial Reasoning" 

Interiors decorated with Nordic influence keep a strong focus on space functionality. Furniture is compact and the placement of each chair, rug and accent piece is to optimize the flow and function of the room.

You can make this Scandistyle Light Fixture yours HERE

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"Shelf Life"

Whether built-in, floating or free-standing, shelves are super assets to a cohesive Nordic interior design. Shelving supports this design style so well by providing a display for decorations while minimizing ground clutter and improving the room's flow.

You can make these Scandistyle White Chairs yours HERE

"Expose the Authentic"

With an obvious focus on muted hues and earth tones, Scandinavian influenced interiors could take a turn for the drab if attention is not paid to certain details that make this style charmingly striking. I’m referring to the authentic charm of a space, the bare bones, the original architecture and craftsmanship that can be highlighted and complimented. Exposed bricks, pipes, ducts, original woodwork, and even dated fixtures have leading roles in Scandistyle designs. 


"Mother Earth/Father Time"

These 2 design elements are always homeruns in Scandistyle makeovers...

Leafy palms or prickly cacti, as long as botany is generously represented in your Nordic interior, the species of greenery is up to personal preference.

A jumbo rustic wall clock breaks up a blank wall and provides contrast to an otherwise monochromatic color scheme.

"Multi-purpose Pieces"

Scandistyle homes are often furnished with multipurpose pieces like a cabinet with a folding desktop or a coffee table that splits into two end tables. These kind of pieces allow the most use of space and are aesthetically unique yet simple in design.


You can make this Scandistyle Split Coffee Table yours HERE 

 You can make this Scandistyle Pendant Light Fixture yours HERE

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Loving these Scandistyle Interiors So Far???

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 You can make this Scandistyle Round Coffee Table yours HERE 

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