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Flip or Flop Show Home Decor

Christina El Moussa's Style

Flip or Flop Christina Home Decor

Now you can take a page from Christina's design book when you shop our Christina El Moussa collection.

House flipping duo Tarek and Christina El Moussa wowed HGTV fans across the country with their show Flip or Flop. The show follows the partner's adventures in buying, transforming an
Christina Flop or Flop Home Makeoversd selling seemingly undesirable and sometimes condemned homes in the southern

California area. While husband Tarek tends to the business transactions, contractor relations and remodeling labor, it's wife Christina's flare for design that brings the picture together episode after episode. With her commitment to a vision and choices in final touches, Christina has not only made a designer name for herself but a designer niche as well. Are you ready to get inspired by Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa's design style?

Christina's Top 3 Interior Design Tips

Watch just a few Flip or Flop episodes and while each remodel looks unique, you'll notice some reoccurring trends in the makeover design strategies.

1. Neutral Territory/Bold Terrain

Christina often takes a room of neutral hues and vamps it up with detail-rich statement pieces and bold yet complimenting accent colors and patterns.
Neutral Paint on Walls with Orange/Coral Accessories
Room Remodel Before and After

2. If You Got It, Flaunt It

If a room has a special feature, like a fireplace or built-in bookcase, Christina will accentuate it aggressively and keep the surrounding decor simple and cohesive.



Flip or Flop Living Room Decor

3. Let Your Light Shine

The use and manipulation of sunlight is another Christina El Moussa design essential. She always lets the light in and is conscientious of not dimming any natural rays when choosing window treatments or placing decor.  
Navy Blue and White Home Decor, Flip or Flop Makeover
Flip or Flop Before and After
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Flip or Flop Room Makeovers Before and After
Home Decor Flip or Flop Style

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