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Christina El Moussa's Style

Flip or Flop Christina Home Decor

Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa can take a room of neutral hues and vamp it up with detail-rich statement pieces and complimenting accent colors. Now you can take a page from Christina's design book when you shop our Christina El Moussa collection.

Jeff Lewis's Style

Jeff Lewis Home Decor
Bravo TV personality and interior designer, Jeff Lewis, uses bold colors and modern accent pieces in his most memorable home makeovers. Our Jeff Lewis home decor collection features home goods in jewel tones, big patterns and sleek silhouettes.

Black and White Home Decor

Black and White Home Decor
Always in style is home decor featuring contrasting shades black and white.

GLAM Home Decor

Rocker Glam Home Decor

Our brash and sassy GLAM collection sparkles and shines. Mix and match these luxurious home goods for a romantic design with an edge.

Geography and Travel Home Decor

Travel Theme Home Decor

Show off your worldly side with home decor from our Geography and Travel collection. 

Elegant Bedroom Decor for Couples

You love floral and lace and he loves...well, blue or brown or the worst...a naked down comforter thrown over the bed exposing mismatched pillowcases. If your taking on the task of decorating a His and Hers bedroom, chances are you're feeling one of two ways.

  1. Like you don't know where to start. Your guy has no input except, "Don't make it too girly". Well, you are a GIRL but you want him to be pleased with the outcome so with no direction you start by reading this blog.
  2. Like you might as well do whatever you want. Bows, frills, dust ruffles, oh my! He doesn't care. But you care about him and you still want him to be pleased with the outcome. So making the bedroom a place that embraces both of you is the only direction you're sure of.

The GOOD NEWS is creating a tasteful, cohesive His and Hers bedroom is easier than you think. With a few gender neutral tips, you'll be cohabiting the bedroom of your and his dreams!

With bedroom design it's important to create your look in the following chronological order:

  1. Bedding Set

  2. Wall Piece

  3. Decorations

THE FIRST STEP in your dream His and Hers bedroom design is to decide on a complete bedding set. By complete you want the comforter or duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases. Shop for bed sets that come with everything as a package. The bedding set gives you the direction (color palette, pattern and theme) for the rest of your design.

Since your goal with this bedroom design is to appeal to both him and her, you'll want to look for colors and patterns that aren't too her/"girly" or him/"boyish". A peaceful blend of the two sexes that highlights who you are AS A COUPLE is the idea.

- Plaids
- Stripes
- Florals that are muted. (EX: A solid color floral pattern on a contrasting background.)
- Leaves (Instead of flowers)

Check out these bedding sets perfect for His and Hers bedrooms...

THE SECOND STEP: Once you've chosen a bedding set, it's time to build on your design with a focal wall piece. Remember, this step is second to choosing your bedding because the bedding leads the way.

NOTE: It can be a mistake to find and fall in love with an art piece before finding and falling in love with bedding. It makes creating a cohesive bedroom design more challenging because often the art restricts your choices for bedding colors and patterns. You find that your adoring art clashes with almost everything except plain.

The best way to explain how art pieces should compliment bedding, is to show you...

(If you see any art pieces or bedding sets you like check below the image to see if and where it is available for purchase.)

his and hers bedroom decor
(His and Her Side Bedding and Spa Wall Clock ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

masculine tasteful bedroom decor

(Rustic Stripes Bedding and Boat Helm Wall Piece ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

(Sunflower Wall Art Set ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

plaid bedroom decor
(American Plaid Bedding and Rose Mirror Wall Art ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

(American Plaid Bedding and Girl with Balloon Wall Art ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

(Blue and Orange Pattern Bedding and Beached Canoe Wall Art ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

(Vintage Wall Clock ON SALE at Rousetheroom.com.)

Placement of the wall piece is up to you and has to do with your room layout but above the bed is usually a good display option for a bedroom wall piece. NOTE: Designers say that the placement of a bed should be so it is the focus or first thing you see facing you when you walk through the room's entrance. Therefore, it makes sense, design wise, to display your art piece in that same line of focus.


The Third and Last Step in your dream His and Hers bedroom design is to select a few decorations to place around the room that match or compliment your emerging theme. To avoid over cluttering your space, stick to the rule of 3. Here are a few ideas.

The Rule of 3 for Bedroom Decorations

  1. A pair of lamps
  2. A vase holding some simple flowers, decorative sticks or feathers
  3. Accent color candles
  1. A tall reading lamp
  2. A floor sculpture
  3. Some stacked books
  1. A throw
  2. Decorative baskets or bins
  3. A small step ladder or ottoman

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