Easily Stretch & Frame Canvas Artwork Yourself Using a Standard, Cheap Frame

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Easily Stretch & Frame Canvas Artwork Yourself Using a Standard, Cheap Frame

Buying unframed canvas prints online is a great way to save money on new and interesting artwork for your home. Purchasing just the artwork without a framing system in tact removes the hefty shipping costs that would normally be associated with the weight and size of the framed artwork. Of course you'll need a framing solution once the canvas artwork is delivered. You might be thinking, 'Aren't I going to end up paying the same amount having to get the artwork stretched and/or framed after purchase as I would if I just ordered the artwork complete with a pre-installed framing system?'. The answer is "NO" every time. Take this example:

Rousetheroom.com features a large collection of canvas prints like this one.

This Mandala Flower Distressed Canvas Print comes unframed for $27.71.

In searching online for similar artwork that is available for purchase with a framing system pre-installed, this item is best for comparison purposes.

This FRAMED Mandala Flower Canvas Print, in the same size and material as the previous one, can be yours for $174.99.

Here's another example using a Beach Scene Canvas Art Set, also on sale at Rousetheroom.com.

This 5 panel, canvas print set of where the ocean meets the sand can be purchased online, unframed for under $80.

We found a similar 5 piece beach scene canvas print set at JCPenney.com for $215.

If you ask me, a $140 savings on artwork that is unframed yet almost identical in every other way including size, material and subject to the framed version, is worth it without question. I know that framing after purchase does not have to cost anywhere near $140. That brings me to the real guts of this post. 

Here is a simple and cost-effective solution for framing your canvas artwork.

While it is considered a DIY project, you need not be considered crafty or handy to complete this framing method with professional looking results. This canvas framing system involves buying a pre-fabricated frame to fit your artwork OVER not in.


All you need to stretch & frame artwork with a standard wooden frame is...

  • Flat, wood picture frame the size of your artwork or slightly smaller (depending on where the actual picture ends on the canvas.)
  • Staple gun/staples

The following frames are affordable and perfect for stretching and framing canvas artwork yourself.


Click on the frame to view more about it like sizes or to purchase.


How to Stretch & Frame Artwork with a Standard Wooden Frame

The artwork can now be hung on the wall without adding a mount since the lightweight frame will sit on top nails. However, you can add hardware like this to the frame.

Check out these affordable canvas prints and paintings available and on sale.

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