How to Decorate Bungalow Style

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How to Decorate Bungalow Style

What is it about bungalows that has interior designers and home owners so inspired? Maybe it's because you can't think of a bungalow without thinking of a vacation, and who doesn't want to live in a permanent vacation? Here are some tips for decorating your home bungalow style.

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Bungalow Decor Tip #1: Skip the Paint.

Bungalows are nothing if not natural and clean. Pure white or neutral colored walls are the perfect bungalow background.

bungalow bedroom decor coral bungalow inspired living room  

Bungalow Decor Tip #2: Tropical plants are a must.

Accessorize with real exotics like orchids or opt for low maintenance silks like palm leaves.

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Bungalow Decor Tip #3: Use Mirrors

Mirrors go great in bungalow designs because they make rooms appear bigger and brighter.

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Bungalow Decor Tip #4: Earthbound Fabrics & Accents

Natural fiber textiles like hemp rugs, linen pillows, wicker baskets and flowing tapestries will help you bring out the bungalow in your home. While you're going native, tribal and jungle patterns are awesome accents for a bungalow space with character and culture.

bungalow bedroom design

beach bungalow home decor

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Bungalow Decor Tip #5: Outdoor Living

Build on your bungalow design with some outdoor accessories like hammocks, patio tables and chairs, terracotta pottery and garden stones.

diy bungalow furniture bungalow hammock

This wicker lounge under a mosquito net cover makes the perfect bungalow nook.

modern bungalow home decor ideas

Bungalow Decor Tip #6: Hang 'em High

Hanging, ceiling mounted accents like lanterns, birdcages and windchimes are easy to execute and scream "bungalow". Pick up some ceiling hooks from your local hardware store and it's as easy as "point and screw".

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modern bungalow home decor bungalow living room decor

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