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Christina El Moussa's Style

Flip or Flop Christina Home Decor

Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa can take a room of neutral hues and vamp it up with detail-rich statement pieces and complimenting accent colors. Now you can take a page from Christina's design book when you shop our Christina El Moussa collection.

Jeff Lewis's Style

Jeff Lewis Home Decor
Bravo TV personality and interior designer, Jeff Lewis, uses bold colors and modern accent pieces in his most memorable home makeovers. Our Jeff Lewis home decor collection features home goods in jewel tones, big patterns and sleek silhouettes.

Black and White Home Decor

Black and White Home Decor
Always in style is home decor featuring contrasting shades black and white.

GLAM Home Decor

Rocker Glam Home Decor

Our brash and sassy GLAM collection sparkles and shines. Mix and match these luxurious home goods for a romantic design with an edge.

Geography and Travel Home Decor

Travel Theme Home Decor

Show off your worldly side with home decor from our Geography and Travel collection. 

The Top 8 Home Decor Trends for 2017

We are ringing in the new year of 2017 and for many of you it marks the beginning of a long over-due home remodel or interior decor update. You've probably been taking notes and pinning your lil buns off of interior design themes and home accessories that you like for as long as you've been wanting to revamp your home decor. However, home trends change just as often and drastically as women's fashion. So, if your home decorating project is just beginning, you're going to need some trending inspiration.

#1. & #2. Home Decor Trends
Neutral Walls with Bold, Jewel Tone Accessories

Let me tell you something, I love paint! I've implemented so many paint trends over the years including: accent walls, stripes, two-tone and ceiling color.

But the experts in interior design are telling us that:

  • subtle, natural hues accessorized with jewel color home goods is IN

  • and wacky wall paint patterns and colors are OUT.

Home Decor Trend: Neutral Walls with Jewel Tone Furnishings

What the heck is a jewel tone?

Good question, while the answer is a bit obvious. Think about birth stones: ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc. Jewel tones have a rich hue without much interpretation. They aren't pastel. They aren't neon. They are jewel tones.

Home Decor Trend: Neutral Walls with Jewel Tone Furnishings

#3. Home Decor Trend
Industrial Theme / Loft Style Decor

It's not always easy to put the Industrial style of interior design into words, but you know it when you see it.

Industry furnishings and home goods like large mechanical part clocks and wall hangings that look rescued or restored are all the rage. They usually look like they belong in a neat, urban loft nestled above a hip pastry shop or Pilates studio.

Home Decor Trend: Industrial, Loft Style

Home Decor Trend: Industrial, Loft Style

#4. Home Decor Trend
Large Wall Clocks

If you haven't entered the large wall clock into your room revamp, it's time to reconsider. Easy to obtain and with lots of interesting designs, they cannot be skipped in this trending home goods list. Keep reading for an interesting tip on displaying large wall clocks....

Home Decor Trend: Large, Rustic Wall Clocks

Home Decor Trend: Large, Rescued Wall Clocks

#5. Home Decor Trend
Leaning Wall Art Pieces

Once you've got your trending home goods, you need a trendy display option. Wouldn't you know, we've thought of that too. It's all about the lean. Leaning versus hanging will be the go to way to feature your new home decorations. That rustic wall clock? You may be contemplating damage-free hanging adhesives or hooks. Nah! Just strategically lean it against the wall or fireplace and Presto!

Home Decor Trend: Leaning instead of Hanging

Home Decor Trend: Leaning instead of Hanging

#6. Home Decor Trend
Linen and Leather (Bulkiness Adjusted)

While leather has always had a place in interior design, linen, with its durability and versatility, has more recently become a widely used textile in home décor. Now they both have a place in your interior design but not without these tweaks.
  • Slim, Simple Design

Bulky, space wasting furnishings have been on the ‘Going Out’ list for a while. However, many decorators and wives have lost the battle of replacing the clunky because of a fear of losing the comfort. In some ways these short-sided (ahem…men) had reason to reject new furniture on the criteria of comfort… Enter the overly modern furniture and home accessories phase with couches shaped like trigonometry equations and angles that looked like they could puncture you.

Good news is trending leather and linen designs do not compromise comfort or aesthetics.

Simple, almost safe designs in leather and linen are what the professionals are after.

Accessories with clean lines sans the bells and whistles of studding, ornate tufting and shiny frames will be featured in the most breathtaking designer homes.

    Home Decor Trend: A New Take on Leather and Linen

    Home Decor Trend: A New Take on Leather and Linen

    • Natural

    Keep your leathers and linens natural in hue and texture to stay on the cutting edge of interior design trends.

    Example: Mildly distressed camel leather-IN!

      Home Decor Trend: A New Take on Leather and Linen

      #7. Home Decor Trend
      Nature's Decor Remedy

      If you're seeing a "natural" theme in the newest interior designs, you're paying attention. A soothing retreat is the idea. And if you're an overachiever or just one tactful decorator, you can consider this next trending home decor tip a way to kill two birds with one plant...maybe two plants.

      Place some live greenery around the room in classic terracotta pots. There's your jewel tone and your natural color scheme.

      Home Decor Trend: Terracotta and Live Plants

      #8. Home Decor Trend
      Gold, Brass, Bronze

      Sad but true, the word is silver will be on a decor hiatus while gold, brass and bronze weasel their way back in. Yep, might as well prepare ourselves for Mariah Carey frayed waistline jeans. 

      Home Decor Trend: Gold, Brass, Bronze Home Accessories

       Now let's shop home accessories that will launch your remodel into the list of inspirational trending home decor designs!

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