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10 Awesome, Decorative & Functional, Modern Wall Clocks

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Shop some of the most interesting wall clock designs for an awesome home accessory are a perfect gift. Find frameless, jumbo, theme, modern and more clock designs starting at $19.

10 Awesome, Decorative & Functional, Modern Wall Clocks

10. Oversized, Frameless, Contemporary, 3D Wall Clock

9. Industrial Loft Bicycle Wheel Clock

8. Vintage, Shabby-Chic, Country Style Clock

7. Mechanical Gears Clock

6. Metal/Iron Detailed Silhouette Wall Clock

5. Modern, Novelty Batman Wall Clock

4. Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock

3. Oversized Numbers, Multi-color, Fun Wall Clock

2. Modern, Minimalist Bamboo Wall Clock

1. Rescued Wood, London Flag Wall Clock


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